Veneta-Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce

24949 Hwy 126  |  Phone: 541-935-8443  |  Hours: Tues-Fri 12-5

The Veneta-Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce serves communities including: Alvadore, Crow, Elmira, Noti, and Veneta. Our Chamber of Commerce provides a platform for businesses and community partners to connect and promote their business interests in our community. As the overall economy improves, “a rising tide floats all boats!” businesses, organizations, churches, and schools all benefit from improved prosperity in the greater Veneta-Fern Ridge area.

There is tremendous power in harnessing the business and organizational resources of a community. Through the Veneta-Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce, businesses and organizations are working together — intentionally and intelligently. As the overall business and community climate improves, each business benefits. Each organization, church, and school benefits. Each resident benefits. A rising business tide does not discriminate. All boats float as a result.